How Artificial Intelligence Love Dolls Change The Relationship Between Men And Women

The artificial intelligence robot developed by Google will play chess, Tesla's artificial intelligence robot will drive, the iPhone's artificial intelligence technology can tell the user a joke, and the robot of the artificial intelligence refrigerator knows the cooking. According to this logic, people over the age of 18 may not be able to guess that artificial intelligence dolls are preparing to fall in love with you.

When it comes to inflating sex dolls, many people's first reaction is disdain. After all, holding a big balloon that feels like a lifebuoy and squeaks, and dreams of having sex, is not something that ordinary people can do. But entering the sex shop, there are a variety of sex toys, but it also proves that human physiological needs have a lot of flexibility, and extensive exploration space.

In the past, whenever new technology came out, the adult industry always developed the fastest, and the development of artificial intelligence technology today is in the stage of vigorous energy and everything wants to try. Of course, the fun product practitioners will not miss such a good opportunity. . If the inflatable doll is lacking in sexual interest, then a silicone girl who is gentle and beautiful, while the body is like an AV actress, can provoke the desire of a normal healthy man, or even "replace" the status of a partner, a lover, or a lover?

In a recent survey conducted by the British government and the European Parliament commissioned by academic institutions, some scholars predicted that sexual partners with artificial intelligence may become the norm in the next 10 years. A poll conducted by the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany in 2016 found that among the 263 respondents, as many as 40% of the respondents “do not rule out buying sex robots in the next five years”.

A study by the University of Manitoba in Canada predicts that in the future, some people may choose to go to bed with sex robots instead of pursuing the opposite sex. As technology advances, sex robots become more and more popular, and many will declare themselves to be digisexuals—a group of people seeking sexual gratification from the technology pipeline. When we go to the adult product market, we can find that the first truly mass-produced and popular "sex robots" are coming.

American monograph sculptor and inventor Mat McMullen spent 20 years building Harmony, claiming to be the world's first sex robot with artificial intelligence, which was launched in January 2018. Harmony speaks jokes and poems. The purpose of her existence, in addition to sex, is more important to give people the feeling of companionship - at least her inventor McMullen claims. She has 12 different personalities that can be set, including gentle, shy, intelligent, innocent and passionate, and can create a "real emotional connection" with her "owner."

A similar bed-type robot, as well as Samantha by Spanish engineer Sergi Santos, claims that the user must first "flirt" with her to make her "sexually interesting." Chinese developers are developing dolls that can respond to people, have vivid expressions and detailed facial features of the Orientals. At present, these products still have some experimental nature and the roughness and angularity of the original machine, but the technology and market trends have already blown up, and practitioners in the industry have smelled the changes. "Now we still have the opportunity to do research in this area, but when these products are developed and marketed, everyone will have their own sex robots at home.

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