Japanese Beauty Latest Sex Doll - Demi

Demi is a Japanese woman who likes makeup and is very proficient in every makeup technique. She is able to make her face look completely different. Sometimes she will make herself a star, and the makeup looks exactly the same as a real star.

Demi has a very tall figure, the size of the chest is just right, but also has a firm vagina, so her figure is better than many stars. In fact, many film and television companies used to find her as an actor, but she refused. She doesn't want to be a public figure, she just wants to do what she likes.

Demi is not willing to be a public figure, but she is willing to work as a makeup artist, so she has become a senior makeup artist for many stars. She can make the makeup of those stars look natural, just like no makeup, but the overall look looks very delicate. This is the highest level of makeup.

However, Demi has never found a boyfriend, and there are many people who pursue her, but many people are looking at her appearance, not really wanting to marry her as a wife. She hopes that someone who treats her with sincerity can treat her as a wife. Do you want to treat her as a true companion? If you really like her, please take her home. Order her and you will be able to take latest sex doll home.

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