Just Met You

Is there a song called? Just happened to meet you? Coincidentally, I just met you. In the story, the girl pretended to say deeply: "Life is alive, some people will only pass by when they meet, and some people will be stalking. Because I just met you, leaving a footprint is beautiful." The girl said It doesn't seem to be true, no blush and heartbeat. She thought that this was probably the most subtle and romantic confession in the world.

Looking at his embarrassed face, he smiled heartlessly. Of course this was imagined, she did not laugh in front of him, let alone so heartless.

Yeah, how could it be that she actually wished to be the quiet woman in his eyes. Although she always thought of the so-called game, she wanted to find someone who would never forget it in her youth. A friend has a senior, he has a teenager, it is not necessary. But he does not belong to himself, he only belongs to youth.

In the 21st century, she is full of literary and artistic feelings, and likes to write letters, even if she is one foot apart, she writes to him. Later, she recalled that the young man's hypocrisy was really unconscionable. It was so beautiful and romantic as the book said. At that time, they shared trivialities, exchanged reading experience, and discussed life... In her pursuit, they became the so-called blue face confidants in the 21st century.

Something happened later, the reason is very inexplicable. Yes, she liked him from the beginning, but she was more counseling, and he didn't wait for her love to speak, but he fell in love with his best friend! On that Christmas afternoon, she grinned bitterly, and she couldn't keep up with any dog-blood plot, and how the plot was taken over. In the end, she wrote him a letter, not the kind of paper with a long love, she wrote a lot of pages verbosely, but everything was just to pave the way for "goodbye", and no more.

After writing, she regretted it. Why? The girl's heart couldn't even cry. You remember, at the beginning, she looked for a bright color in the morning, even if it was only one side, the rain and the rain were also clear, maybe it was exaggerated, but she still felt lucky to meet him. She has never done anything that makes her feel outrageous, but for him, the craziest is nothing but a joy in life. It was also at that time that she only understood the world of lovers, loving someone, being happy and suffering. In the end, she wanted to do one more thing: show him a heart.

But what kind of poems and distant places do I fear, but I am afraid that something will change but my heart is old. She has a strong heart to face the end, but she still has no courage to start. After listening to too much unrequited love, I am afraid that my youth will be memories. She didn't know if it would be different if she was brave. Of course myth is myth after all.

She finally chose to forget the past. No pain or itching, the years are very quiet. Like many unrelated past incidents, as many people later talked about, we had no chance. Having said so much, the girl is really a seizure. She said that it's easy to like someone, but it's not easy to like someone for a long time. Obviously met so few people, but pretended to be sophisticated, thinking that he had already detached himself from the fire and would not eat fireworks.

But then she discovered that it turns out that the true feelings do not care if you are in the south of Jiangnan, or I am in the dark night where the polar end can not be seen. Writing this, the girl got up to see the rain, the mist was filled, myopic eyes could not catch the rain that the leaves just fell, the ignorant heart may not have understood a precious friendship, and the young people misunderstood the heart is love. She embraced the unknown rain out of thin air, and she should have smiled a little bit, old friend. May you be the most beautiful lover in the world, forgetting or remembering a rusher.

I also wish a girl to complete a spiritual practice of youth. This story has been passed for many years, and the parties have already ran their own things. It is reasonable to say that she will never see her again in this life. Even if she sees it, she will never recognize him, but the plot seems to be endless, no matter how late it is. After a long time, people with stories will meet people who can't be forgotten many years ago at a casual time and place, and then look at the people and relieve their past after they have washed their lead. That's right, this story hasn't missed the end of a play.

A glimpse of the scenery outside the window, music in my ears, a heart finally calmed down. After all, she admitted this story, a youth drama with dog blood. She looked at his back fascinatingly. I don't know how long time passed. She vaguely found out if he turned his head and looked at himself.

She is actually a sex doll, this is a story of a love doll. This story is very beautiful. Many people love such a beautiful love story. You can buy a sex doll and experience such a beautiful love story.

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