Kindergarten Teacher Real Doll Artificial Intelligence - Fiona

Fiona is a kindergarten teacher and her college major is children's education. She has a certain research on children's education and summed up a set of teaching theories. It is very good for the learning of preschool children. For this set of teaching theories, she spent two years experimenting.

Now Fiona is already a gold medal teacher in kindergarten. Many families also want to hire Fiona as their tutor to provide preschool education for their children. If time permits, Fiona will help some families do these counseling jobs. But it's not free, it's also a high hourly salary.

Fiona is now a stable business and a happy life. The only thing missing is a male partner. Are you willing to be a Fiona boyfriend? Then please order the Fiona real doll artificial intelligence directly and you will have Fiona.

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