Kindergarten TPE Doll - Selena

Selena is a kindergarten teacher and she enjoys dealing with children. That would keep her childlike. She doesn't like intrigue. Dealing with children, she can let go of all her burdens of thought, and she is happy every day. She is responsible for each and every child, and she treats them like her relatives.

Although Selena occasionally meets some unreasonable parents, every time she can get things done. For this reason, she is rated as an excellent teacher every year. In fact, as long as you really love a job, you will make every effort to do it well. In the end, you will get good results.

Selena's only wish now is to have a boyfriend, she hasn't been in love yet. Do you like Selena? Do you like teacher girlfriends? If you like Selena, then don't hesitate to order Selena tpe doll immediately. You will get Selena.

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