Logistics Operation Worker Human Size Sex Doll - Carina Dahl

Carina Dahl is a logistics worker. She has been working in a logistics company for five years. She has been working in the logistics industry. She also likes the job. She performed very well at work. The company owner intends to promote Carina Dahl to team leader. At the same time increase her salary.

Carina Dahl works overtime every day, and she loves work. Colleagues around her think she is a workaholic. Carina Dahl is actually not a workaholic. She hopes to enrich herself through work, so that she can get a greater improvement.

Since she has been busy working, Carina Dahl has no chance to fall in love. She urgently needs a boyfriend now. Do you like Carina Dahl? If you like Carina Dahl, then don't hesitate to order Carina Dahl human size sex doll now.

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