Love Chocolate - Story of Sex Doll Minako

Minako is a sex doll. She is a freelance writer. Valentine's Day is coming, she promised to write a holiday feature for a newspaper, but it will be cut soon, Minako still has no inspiration. She wanted to go shopping and relax, unconsciously came to a chocolate store. The shop is full of people, and many young girls are choosing chocolates for Valentine's Day.

Minako wandered absently. Inadvertently, a beautiful woman attracted her attention. The woman is elegantly dressed, and her bags and shoes are very tasteful. She bought a large plate of chocolates and told the clerk to stop packing at checkout. Minako is a bit strange. Buying chocolate at this time is usually given as a gift, so why not wrap it?

Minako strolled around the store again, when she saw the woman standing in the corner just now, opened the chocolate box, and stared blankly at the chocolate wrapped in silver foil. After looking at it for a while, the woman put the chocolate back in the box, put the tape back on, and put it back on the shelf.

Minako's curiosity was aroused, and she watched the woman quietly. I saw that the woman bought another piece of chocolate from another brand, and the clerk did not pack it. After getting the chocolate, she went to the corner of the store and opened the box. This time, the woman seemed very satisfied. She nodded vigorously, carefully peeled off the gold foil outside the chocolate, broke it up, and put the remaining half of the chocolate into the bag.

After eating the chocolate, the woman stood motionless. Because she was facing Minako, Minako didn't know what she was doing. After a while, the woman put on the gloves and walked forward carrying the bag.

At this moment, there was a sudden power outage in the store, and everyone was terrified. Fortunately, the power came within ten seconds. Minako saw that all the things in the women's bags were scattered on the ground. Chocolates, powder boxes, lipstick, spare stockings, wallets, facial tissues ... were scattered all over the place. Minako came forward to help the woman pick up, the woman thanked again and again.

Minako picked up the piece of chocolate and stared at it curiously. The woman saw it and smiled and said, "If you like it, I'll give it to you. I just bought it. I only tasted it by breaking one piece." After that, the woman Turned away.

Minako was also polite, and she really took chocolate. With just one bite, she was stunned-the chocolate tastes so good! The woman had previously bought the kind of chocolate that she had not eaten, and Minako had eaten it, but the taste was much worse. Minako secretly thought: This thing is really mysterious. Isn't that woman superpowered, you can tell the quality of chocolate by touch alone?

Minako walked around the store while eating chocolate, and just saw the woman walking in front. Because of curiosity, she followed her out. The woman went all the way and walked to the front of the police station. There was a policeman on guard in front of the police station. The woman raised her left hand at the policeman and waved. To Minako's surprise, the police jumped up like a rabbit.

Did the woman do any magic to the police? At this moment, the woman turned around and walked back. She put on gloves and walked with a smile on her face, as if she couldn't hold back the smile. Minako kept staring at the woman, and when he turned his gaze to the police, he had returned to his upright position, as if the magic had been lifted instantly.

Minako was still thinking about it until she returned home, but she couldn't get a reasonable explanation if she wanted to break her head.

The next night, Minako and his boyfriend Satake said this when they were dating. Minako said: "Did that woman really have superpowers? After she touched it and found that the chocolate was not delicious, she put it back on the shelf. Enchanting the police to dance, maybe it was her little prank ..."

Satake is a private investigator. After listening to it, he thought for a while and said, "In fact, you can explain this matter without using superpowers, but only with the reasoning in daily life."

Minako suddenly became interested: "Let's talk about it!"

Satake said with a smile: "I'm just guessing that there is a man somewhere. The man likes a woman. He is troubled and wants to let the woman know his heart. On this day, he finally made up his mind and gave the woman a gift. The man gave the ring, he said to the woman, if you are willing to associate with me, wear this ring to come to me, if not, throw the ring away. After the man finished, plug the jewelry box containing the ring To the woman, turned and ran away. "

Satake said that in fact, women have already fallen in love with men, so they opened the jewelry box and wanted to put on the ring to show them to men immediately. But the woman found a big problem: the man didn't know the size of the woman's ring. As a result, the ring bought was too small, and the woman's fingers were too thick to wear.

It takes at least a week to change the size of the ring. The wrapping paper of the jewelry box has been removed again. The woman does not know which store she bought it from and cannot be exchanged. The woman wants to tell her heart to the man immediately. If you say to the man that the size is different and you ca n’t wear it, then the man will feel guilty because he is too careless and destroys the atmosphere of the romantic moment. At this time, the woman's spirit appeared, and she thought of a good way.

Because a man can't get close to her while on duty, she can convey her feelings as long as she waves to the man to see in the distance. In this case, you do n’t have to wear a ring. You just need to wear something golden, thin, and looks like a ring on your hand. The woman thought of chocolate foil wrapping paper ...

Satake said here, Minako understood a little: "So, the first piece of chocolate she bought ..."

"The wrapping paper of the first chocolate was silver foil, not the gold foil she wanted, so she put the chocolate back on the shelf. Fortunately, the second chocolate was wrapped in gold foil. She only tore the size she needed and folded it. Slender and long, rolled around your fingers, and then put on gloves, to find the man, because too excited, and accidentally knocked over the bag. You should know what happened next? "

Minako said excitedly: "The man is the policeman, and the woman waved her left hand to show the man a signal of" I put on the ring ", so the policeman jumped with joy."

Satake said, "Yeah, the police are also human beings. It is inevitable that they will jump with joy when they see such a signal."

Minako heard this and suddenly stood up and left, Satake asked her what was wrong, Minako said excitedly: "Your reasoning is really good! Now I'm going back to write a Valentine's Day feature, I finally know what to write ... … "

Minako's sex doll story doesn't end here, she is still thinking about how to plan her life next. Do you want to have such a sex doll? Then don't hesitate to order a love doll right now.

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