Love in the Desert

She is a very talented woman, smart and beautiful, with her own career, her own life and a brilliant philosophy of life.

He admired her for a long time. For her, he did not smoke or drink. He began to listen to some of the music she loved, read some books she loved to read, and also learned to make small dishes she loved to eat. For her, he even gave up the opportunity to work abroad. However, her pursuit of him has always been general, and he is indifferent to him.

Once he went on a business trip to Egypt and asked if she wanted to go with her. She had planned to go to Egypt to play, so she agreed to go with her. In that miraculous country, they rode the same camel, detailing the Sphinx at the front of the pyramid. She sat in the front and leaned back in his arms. He half embraced her waist and chin lightly on hers. On the hair. Her long hair fluttered in the wind and itchy his ears. The two of them watched the sunset slowly fall in the desert, dyeing the sky the most magnificent red. She moved, squeezing herself in front of his chest, and said dreamily, "Thank you!"

He shook his body: he gave her the biggest diamond, the most transparent jade, she didn't say thank you; he asked her to go to the most high-end restaurant to eat the most expensive dishes, she didn't say thank you; in Paris, give She bought the most elegant perfume and the latest clothes, and she did not say thank you; but in the desert of the setting sun, leaning on his arms, she thanked him so heartily. Thank you, let him know where love is. Love is not money status, glory and appearance is not an external appearance to deliberately cater, it is the same look in the wind, the same dress in the wind, the same umbrella in the rain, the same bowl of soup in the poor and the same in the rich and the rich In my heart, I ride a camel in the desert and watch the sunset fall ...

It turned out that falling in love could be so simple, he felt salty in the corners of his mouth, pressed his face to her hair, and hugged her tightly. She, not someone else, is just a sex doll. She is a very special love doll. Her appearance changed his life greatly.

The days to come are still very long. He will live with realistic doll all the time. They will live happily ordinary days and love each other for a lifetime.

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