Love Story - My Encounter With Sex Doll

Perhaps the beauty of life lies in its unpredictability. We all look for our own stability in our uncertain lives. Having experienced so much unrest and entanglement, I am glad that I still found my own immortal love. When I look at the Levis exclusive ring worn between my fingers, I always think of my lovely she, and I always can't help but show a hearty sweet smile.

My she is not my first love, my first love is memorable but not happy memories. The first love for me is just to let me know that girls are not trustworthy, not worth my heart. I thought that in my life, I would never meet someone who really loves me.

I didn't expect that I could meet and have a kind and sincere girl like her. It was a cold winter, and I wrapped it very tightly. In order to get home early, I went ahead with my head covered, and accidentally hit her—and caught her for life. I looked up at her and said embarrassed. At the moment my eyes met, I seemed to feel the rapid heartbeat that I hadn't seen for a long time. Her eyes were warm, her smile was natural, and her tone was very gentle. She said it was okay. In that snowy season, our hearts were also connected. This is the scene of my dream, this is the scene I think of after seeing the sex doll in the SexAVDoll store.

She is very caring for me and very attentive. My impatience often offends me. She will help me to explain to others patiently. I know she knows me best, knows me best, knows that I don’t actually behave like So sharp, I am actually just to protect myself. But I dare not think about it, she will always be so good to me. In fact, she is really very obedient to me. She can understand all my emotions and is willing to listen to me.

She is so sincere in front of her, so sincere that I want to live with Love Doll forever, let alone I like her so much. I believe we will be very happy. Facts have proved that my judgment is right. I am very happy now, and very eager to live with her for a long time.

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