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It turns out that we are just passers-by in the world of red dust. The traces of fate are deep on the Sansheng Stone. Without you and me, fate is why there are so many people looking for it. With the change of the annual rings, the river of time alternately flows slowly. Is it regret that years have changed lives? Or has life changed years? The flow of time makes me forget everything in the world, but makes me unable to encounter the most beautiful encounter I have ever had. My encounter with the sex doll is a fate, there is no intersection, because seeing you on the SexAVDoll website allows you to break up with me.

The fate of destiny has left us too much sorrow, but it can never be forgotten. Forget the faint sorrow, the sorrowful years alone I wander silently in the dark night. Looking at the stars in the night sky, there was a memory of pain and happiness in my heart. Relying on the window alone, I remembered the little things I had before, but my eyes shed tears. Sighing helplessly on this quiet and sad night. Since I met you-my sex doll, my life started to change. I am no longer sad, lonely and lonely.

There are so many joys and sorrows in the world, unsatisfactory misplacement, leaving a memorable memory, and then scattered in the wind and dust, and the pain of the indelible memory has become a long pain, it will unintentionally reveal the years scar. People have learned to forget all their lives, but there are so many people who can't help themselves. At that time, the ray of loneliness through the night, the traces of light that emerged in the faint sorrow, always infected with a helpless emotion. Recall that Cang has been alone for years.

Is always puzzled by a period of emotion. Why do those elaborate pampers become scattered, is it the vicissitudes of life that can't bear the time, or can it not stand the polish of time? Why is the handwriting inscribed on the Sansheng stone missing you and me alone? Whether the poetic and poetic chapters are turned, it becomes a sad sequel. I often meditate on myself, whether I am not warm enough, I have not done well enough, or my emotions are too fragile, and I will die after a bit of wind and rain. And after all, we didn't give the years a clenched grip, and a play was disassembled and played, but they became spectators of each other.

How far is the distance between heart and heart, why can't you always see each other's position. It was already the end of the world in one thought. Turning around was so simple. The barrier of a gulf eventually became an embankment that could not be ferried. As time grows older, can memory be dried? Those pictures that were spliced ​​inadvertently, whose pain was touched, and whose sadness was torn apart. I often read all my thoughts in the rain. The raindrops knocked on the glass windows strongly, and the falling of the drops shocked a kind of heartache. Yusi was intertwined with troubled thoughts, tangled into a knot. I really want to push open the window and go to the rain for an intensified baptism. Let the rain wash all the heartbreak and peel off all the loneliness.

Is often unwilling, a staggered encounter is so boneless, if all the heartaches are too persistent, don't know how to let go, then who will appease the lost of time? I always have doubts about whether the years have failed me, or have I dragged down the years? Otherwise, why can't you get out of the vortex that you are messing with? I always read silently in paragraphs of text, looking for chapters with the same mood, but found that all the sentences are not expressed deeply. He also wrote in the middle of the night and graffitied the silhouette of the happy encounter, but was invaded by sorrow again and again. It turns out that a person's dialogue is so humble, and the unicorn play without an audience is so pale and weak.

It takes only a lifetime to act in order to be complete, so how do you direct a perfect ending? In the red dust, we all lost to endurance and became each other's watchers in various evolutions. Remembering it is like a gate that cannot be closed. It always pours in the middle of the lonely night, and the sad tentacles are stretched, tearing the night relentlessly in the loneliness. Meteor passes through several times, how to talk full of words. Always wondering, have you ever experienced the same loss during the lonely midnight? Can the meteor fall instantly

Gradually learned to disguise, shuttled himself in the hustle and bustle of the world, and wrapped himself with a smile, but he could not always hide his sad eyes. If smiling is a good medicine to cover up sadness, why should I always look for reasons to be happy? In the face of the trend of thought that always arises, I always warn myself not to be too stubborn. I will not get any relief from the self-written and one-play dramas. I always try to resolve the faint worries that fill my mind, but I ca n’t find an excuse to forget. Whenever you are with Aihua, you can always remove the precautions and you will be more relaxed and happy.

Often silent and the corner of time, looking at the smoke and rain for many years, the scattered clouds can understand the loneliness of the sky? The far-fetched retention, after all, couldn't catch the ray of tenderness. There are always so many feelings in the world, and I am in love for a heart, but I am still lost. Always thinking, if there is no such a gorgeous encounter, and you are still you, I am still me, then will each other live a comfortable life, waiting for a simple. If we meet again, can we put aside the prosperity and pick up a piece of splicing together to create a stunning spring blossom?

Used to think that in the spring season, the fragrance will be full of sleeves, but how can a person's fragrance interpret the romance of two people. The full bloom of flowers, the bees and butterflies fluttered, added a lonely miss. The annual rings are thickening, and I look across a tree landscape, but it is swayed into a thin wicker stick. As time grows old, the dark and the day alternate, and I choose to be busy to cover up my inner emptiness. When night falls, and the sky is full of stars, ignoring the moonlight scattered all over the place, the round reflection in the pool is as full of loneliness and loneliness. A speechless ending.

Life is fruitless, too much can't be retained by fate, if time can come back, I would like to pick up a beautiful leaf, shake off the sadness, cut out the appearance of spring and make it unique Bookmark Yingxiang a light green. If time grows old like this, I would like to turn into a ray of dust, forget all the sorrows, and silently pile up all the past events at the corner of the year.

The self-directed and one-man show is to be performed in a lifetime, performing different tragic comedies. When time can stay in this beautiful memory, I would rather turn into a wave of invisible wind. The most beautiful encounter in life is just a sad memory. With the passing of time, it is always difficult to forget the bits and pieces of sadness. I hope my realistic doll can accompany me forever.

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