Lover - Sex Doll

She met him on the gardenia garden, when she was a beautiful girl, he was a beautiful young boy. Inadvertently, he took a picture at the heart of the girl.

She inquired about his news, and the more she understood his excellence, the more she liked him. It is said that love is the accumulation of likes. In four years, she walked from Jasper Nianhua to Tao Li Nianhua. His talents grew stronger, and her likes grew stronger.

She began to approach him, encountering them again and again, they gradually met, and knew each other to fall in love. Lang Cai is a woman, they are the most beautiful couple on campus. After graduating, he was going to study abroad, and she said without hesitation: "I am waiting for you."

For two years, more than 700 days and nights, she spent time waiting, voice and video, WeChat phone, and the long distance, the foreign country not only did not dilute their feelings, but also let the feelings brew in time. Finally, he came back.

They can finally be together, the girl thought, but is it really? He chose a different city from her work. In relative silence, she compromised and went to his city.

Perhaps it is the so-called love first lose, or be favored to have fear. After living together, in the face of the little things in life like rice, oil and salt, she compromised again and again in different opinions. Love seems to pass away in unrequited effort. She still loves him but feels tired. He also loved him, but did not find her tired.

Finally, when he found that his space setting was open to some people, the squeezed emotions came out, they quarreled, the harsh words blurted out, and the breakup came naturally, even though she still loves him, and he also loves she was.

But sometimes I missed it for a lifetime. In order to make up for my regrets, he bought a sex doll that looks like her. He put all his love on the silicone doll. He took good care of her, and he could give up a lot of things for her. Finally, he no longer felt lonely, he became stronger and slowly came out of the vortex of emotions.

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