Male Version of The Sex Robot Doll Can Not Be Ignored

The market for male sex dolls has become increasingly saturated, and the most neglected sex robot market is the female market. Many science fiction and film and television have shown sex robots, so sex robots have begun to attract a lot of attention around the world. Unlike silicone dolls that don't have active motion, sex robots incorporate realistic silicone and electronic chip technology that simulates human movement and can simulate conscious behavior using the embedded artificial intelligence mechanical brain.

For women, they are more likely to seek a robot that can simulate a real-life partner, to meet their partner's requirements, not just human-sized adult products that are used or abused.

So is there a sex robot for women on the market now? No. Although several companies claim to be developing male robots, there is currently no substantial evidence. This may not be surprising, especially considering that the technology industry is often criticized for its description and materialization of women. However, the sex technology market is huge, estimated at about $300 billion. So you will feel that someone is developing a female sex robot. Even if only a small percentage of women are interested in this type of technology, the prospects for this small segment of the market are considerable.

Evidence from other areas of the porn industry shows that quite a few women are as interested in exploring these technologies as men. Although there are not many relevant data, some studies have found that sales of sex toys account for half of men and women. That means that sex robots still have a lot of market potential to be tapped.
So why is there no male version of the sex robot? Because of the history of technology, technology products are first designed for men. Men are more interested in technology products. Therefore, more manufacturers will pay more attention to the male market and ignore the female market.

At present, the development of artificial intelligence technology can make the development of sex robots faster, but the field of AI is actually gender-discriminatory, and it is generally focused on the needs of men. So it is difficult to meet the needs of women.

Sergi Santos, Catalonia's nanotechnology engineer, nestles on the sex doll Samantha, a AI-enabled doll that responds to a variety of scenes and verbal stimuli.
In fact, the sex robot we have seen so far is only an upgraded version of the fun doll, and it has not been able to completely replace human beings. But with the development of science and technology, sex robots are moving beyond humanity.

Sex toys for women need to be more diverse and creative. Therefore, more interactive sex robots may be the best choice for women.

In the future, we should not only do a good job of female sex dolls, but also more to develop male version of sex dolls.

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