Mannequin Life Size Adult Doll Lowest Price - Dorothy

Dorothy is a mannequin from the Academy of Fine Arts and often models students. This job requires patience and good physical fitness. Because sometimes it takes a few hours to pose a pose and it still doesn't move.

Dorothy also needs to fully expose her body to the students. Whether she is a male or female student, she has to face it calmly. She often needs to face naked. She has a very good body, and many male students will have a strong reaction to their unconscious physiology after seeing her body, and want to pursue her. But she never has any relationship with the students. Because this is her job, she is not willing to confuse her work with her life.

At present, Dorothy is still in a single state. She is worried that her boyfriend will discriminate against her work, so she has not taken the initiative to contact men so far. If you don't mind Dorothy's work and like her, then take Dorothy home. Order her and you will be able to take life size adult doll lowest price home.

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