Mask Factory Employee Sex Doll Lifelike - Zehra

Zehra is a mask factory worker. She has been engaged in the processing and production of masks. She has been working in this facial mask factory for five years. She knows every process of making masks. She also knows what materials are needed to make masks. She will also collect and record all this information in preparation for setting up a mask production factory in the future.

Zehra has worked in every position at this factory, and she has mastered the entire plant's operating and management processes. The owner of the mask factory wanted Zehra to be the director, but Zehra only wanted to participate in the operation on the front line. She wants to acquire more skills, and she doesn't have much idea about managing the factory. The main reason is that she intends to open a disposable mask factory. If she becomes the director and then wants to leave the factory, it will be more difficult. The boss will definitely not agree.

Since Zehra has been studying her work, she has not focused on love. She also hopes to find a man who can take care of her life, support her career, and help her to open the mask factory together when necessary. Would you like to be a boyfriend of Zehra? Do you like this career woman? If you are interested in Zehra, then don't hesitate to order Zehra sex doll lifelike immediately and you will get Zehra's love.

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