Masseur Dismantable Sex Doll - Ada

Ada is a massage technician at a leisure club. She has worked in this leisure club for three years. Mainly responsible for the customer's body massage, which is the SPA. Most of the customers are facing her naked, she needs to use the most professional techniques and tools to help customers clean up the body's dirty things, but also need to give the customer a full body massage. The clients she has served have felt that she is very professional and the services are very good. If she comes here to do the SPA, she will be named to let her serve. And will give her a lot of tips. She now has a monthly income of $50,000.

Ada is 22 years old. Her goal is to have her own leisure club when she is 25 years old. She is now working towards that goal. In addition to working hours to serve clients, the rest of the time she is learning some new skills, including learning some management courses. She reported two training sessions online, and she hopes to make her life meaningful and spend all her time studying and working. She dreams that she can open a large group of companies and will be able to list on NASDAQ in the future.

Some customers are more shy and will be embarrassed to face Ada naked. Ada will take off all the clothes on her body, face the customer naked, let the customer relax, and then serve the customer naked. Her figure is very good and the proportion is very well proportioned. Many customers envy her to have such a beautiful body, thinking that she is not only beautiful, but also very good, and still very hard. Now Ada hopes to find a partner to grow together and grow together. Don't wait, just add her to the shopping cart and order Ada, you will have this dismantable sex doll.

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