Masseuse Skinny Lifelike Sex Doll - Ruth

Ruth is a masseuse. She has been doing massage for five years. Before she was just a salesperson, but some salespersons didn't have a high salary, she switched to work in massage. Wages in the massage industry are generally relatively high. However, because this industry also has certain characteristics, many customers will take the opportunity to have sex with her. But every time this happened, she was rejected. She doesn't want to have sex with someone casually. That would not be too responsible for both parties.

Now Ruth's goal is to open his own massage parlour. She has accumulated $ 300,000 through her work. In 2020, she plans to open a small massage parlor, and then recruit two employees to be the owner of a massage parlor.

If you are willing to help Ruth achieve her goals, then don't hesitate to order Ruth skinny lifelike sex doll immediately, then take care of Ruth's life and help her fulfill her dream.

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