Mechanical Designer Silicone Wife - Lauren

Lauren is a mechanical designer. She is responsible for designing parts for robots at a research institute. Robot design is a very delicate work. Lauren attaches great importance to the design of each link, and the error is controlled within 0.002mm. Lauren has already designed the Hornet in Transformers through his own efforts.

Lauren has been working on the mechanical design of robots for five years, and she still has many design drawings to perfect. She plans to build more Transformers in five years. However, this is a top-secret task, and no further details can be revealed at this time.

Now Lauren is busy working all day and has no time to fall in love. But Lauren has a very beautiful figure, and she also hopes to find a man to provide her with sex and take care of her life. Do you like Lauren? If you are interested in Lauren, then order silicone wife immediately.

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