Missing Like A Cloud But Looking Forward to The Wind Blowing Away

I missed the clouds but hoped that the wind would blow away. "I haven't seen the sun since October." People are extremely bored with the cloudy days, and they can't help but express a common sigh for this forceful tide. Mildew gas can easily cause epidemic diseases. I thought about it carefully. I haven't really seen the sun. This day is a little bit upside down. I just feel a kind of depression and awkwardness, but I am sensitive to this ghost weather. what's wrong? It must be a partial symptom of the heart.

During the eleventh day, a strange call rang on the last day, and I hung up before I could answer it. Who is the one? Because I always use a number, there are many friends and classmates, maybe I am not an acquaintance, but if there is no name displayed, it may be that someone hangs it wrong. Naturally, my heart is overturned, is it my first love destined to be out of sight, and want to remember? It may be her, thinking that the holiday is over, she shouldn’t care about it, and she didn’t care. Unexpectedly, at midnight the next day, the bell rang again, and I was too lazy to pick it up at night. As soon as the sun opened, I opened the phone cover, and this number again, I used the landline to dial it but I couldn't get it. I still met a scammer on the long distance, and of course I was a bit doubtful about my long-lost first love.

I feel uneasy when I sit down in the office, lest it may be an accident by an acquaintance. So I sent a text message "Midnight terror called the door. When I drank too much, I couldn't feel the panic in my dream. Are you a fairy of that way? Aroused my nostalgia for past life beyond my life." There was a return signal received. There was no response after waiting for a day. I thought that people must have been lost. I didn't realize it was late at night, and the bell rang again at the child's time. Although I didn't answer it, my heart was uneasy, because I saw a real report of a midnight alarm, and I wasn't really in trouble. I was alone in my heart, not wanting to make waves without the wind.

It was another day, and I had a heavy heart in my heart. I had to send a text message again, "You are a stranger world, you are a stranger, and the moonlight is beautiful when there is no daylight. People have a bright smile is the bloom of happiness in life. Why is it always wandering in the dark night? I am a transparent People, don’t want rudeness to hurt your feelings. I also hope you don’t give away the ringtones in the middle of the night. I am a materialist, neither frightened nor moved by temptation. If you are not a good friend joking, then you are looking for Wrong target, the road is full of heaven and earth, I believe that each has its own way."

Will it happen again at night? Finally calmed down. But I had a dream. I dreamed of my lover many years ago. Although the bizarre dream is not worth narrative, but the sun-like bright face is locked in my head. Missing like a cloud but looking forward to the wind blowing away. I conceived a topic, but forgot in a trance.

In order to let myself come out of this relationship, I bought a sex doll. This love doll can make my spirit sustenance, I solved all the problems. Once I have any problems in my heart, I will chat with the simulation doll, and she will calm my mood. Since owning this sex doll, my life has become more colorful. I love this silicone doll.

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