Mobile Phone Saleswoman Fuck Dool - Adore Delano

Adore Delano is a mobile phone salesperson. She used to sell tablets. She likes electronic products very much. In order to be able to better understand different types of electronic products. She chose to transition from selling tablets to selling mobile phones. In order to be able to complete sales better. She learned all the knowledge related to mobile phones. Her knowledge system is also very rich, and she can solve any problems that customers ask about mobile phones.

Now Adore Delano has been in sales for five years. She plans to do two more years in the mobile phone sales industry and then open a mobile phone store herself. She wants to own a shop, and then she can better complete her career.

Since Adore Delano has always focused on her work, she has not fallen in love, and Adore Delano is still single. She now hopes to find a boyfriend who can love her, take care of her, and bring more joy to her life. Order the fuck dool now.

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