Model Life Like Sex Dol - Bertha

Bertha is a model. She has participated in many model competitions and has achieved good results. But in the modeling industry, she is not the best, and she began to transform into the performing arts. With the help of some colleagues, she successfully participated in some movies, but because she has not learned to perform, she played a beautiful woman in those movies, and does not need too many lines, as long as she is responsible for being beautiful. Because she did not perform well in the movie, she turned to the host, and because of her distinctive voice, many men liked her. However, she is not a professional host, and she can only become a guest host on some shows. For this reason, she has developed in all aspects of the entertainment industry, but because she is not very proficient in one aspect, her development is also limited.

Bertha is now older and is not suitable for further development in the entertainment industry. She only occasionally participates in variety shows. Her goal is to be able to find a worker behind the showbiz to marry. But this is not the main thing, she just hopes that this man treats her well. Being able to take care of her life can give her a sense of security.

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