Money Manager Best TPE Dolls - Pearl

Pearl is a fund manager. She studied psychology in college, but she loves finance, so she chose to work for a securities company after graduation. Through her efforts, she learned most of the financial knowledge, and the company appointed her to manage 5 funds. Fund managers are treated very well, earning millions of dollars each year.

The funds managed by Pearl are performing very well and there are many investors. The funds she deals with start at least $ 5 billion. The annual rate of return of the funds she manages can reach at least 30%. Her goal is to earn more than $ 10 million a year.

Pearl has been busy studying and working, she has never been in love. Now she longs to find a man who loves her. Would you like to be Pearl's companion? Then don't hesitate to order Pearl best tpe doll immediately and you will be her Mr. Right.

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