My Sex Life with Sex Dolls

Due to the recent travel of my wife, it takes a month to come back. So I feel very lonely at home alone. Although my wife is not at home, I can't find a lover, which is not loyal to my wife. I am very loyal to my feelings.

A friend has always suggested that I go fishing with him when I am alone, but I don't like fishing very much. I would rather do something meaningful at home. But I won't go to find a one-night stand, because I don't know each other, I don't know the other's background, so I worry that I will get sick. Fortunately, my wife is very considerate. I bought a 160cm love doll called Belle before I went on a business trip, so that I can use it when I need it. I did not refuse, I received it directly.

In fact, if I don't have this sex doll, I may use my hands to help me solve my physiological needs. But now that there is a sex doll, I will not masturbate, but use sex dolls to help me complete the sex process.

In the dead of night, I took out the adult doll product, read the instructions first, then cleaned according to the process, dried and smeared. This is a Chinese-made sex doll, beautiful and cute, with big eyes and great shape.

The doll's skin is very pink and feels real. It is not necessary to say that the breast is more elastic than the real person. The joints can move and can be placed into a variety of positions of love. The vagina is very similar to the real woman's vagina, without pubic hair, which needs to be filled with lubricating oil.

After I cleaned the doll, I put this adult toy on the bed and touched the intimacy. Slowly my penis began to react, then I inserted the penis into the vagina of the doll. After inserting it, I actively rubbed, and then began to watch adult movies, rubbing for ten minutes and ejaculation. Finally, I fell asleep like a pillow.

This TPE sex doll is really very good, I have always used Belle as my sexual partner.

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