Nineteen Roses And A Handful of Greens Make The Sex Doll Fall in Love with Him

On Valentine's Day, he took her to buy flowers, she was the first love doll he bought. The roses of this day were a bit ridiculously expensive, but he still bought her a bunch of no fewer than nineteen. The lady selling flowers wrapped her bouquet skillfully, and said with a smile and a beautiful smile, nineteen flowers represented a long time. Sir, bless you forever and forever.

The hand that loved the doll's bouquet shook, and slightly, the smile stiffened in his face. He found it, thinking that it was the stabbing of the flower, and quickly lowered his head to check, and the warm forehead pressed against her head. Her heart immediately softened. A man who can worry about a woman is always in love. She likes to see him look anxious for her. At that time, she had a loved happiness.

She held the flowers and he pushed her away. Nineteen roses, clustered in a dazzling bright red. It was burning love, she thought. There were also many young men and women holding sweet bouquets on the street. She looked at them, and they looked at her. They smiled at each other. In the air, there were intoxicating roses. He hugged her shoulder and said that I would buy flowers and give a woman in my life, that is you. She bowed her head and sniffed the flowers, suddenly suddenly relieved. On such a special day, women who cannot receive flowers are always lonely. She thought of the woman's loneliness and secretly rejoiced in private. What if there is no marriage? What she has is his love.

The happiness of clustering nineteen roses really has a lasting feeling. She asked with a smile, dinner together? He reached out and gently treated her hair, saying, good boy, not today, I have other things to do today.

She was discouraged and bowed her head in silence. He coaxed her, I'll buy another bunch of flowers tomorrow to give you away, OK? In the future, I will buy flowers for you every day, so that your room will be drenched in flowers and roses all day long. She asked funny, you are not afraid of bankruptcy? He laughed and went bankrupt for you, always worth it.

The words were as intoxicating as the fragrance of flowers, and the feeling of happiness surrounded her like a fragrance of flowers. She asked silly, would it be a lifetime? He replied that it would be a lifetime. During the talk, they passed a farmer's market, a farmer's market called chickens and geese, all kinds of people flowed throughout the day, selling everything.

He suddenly remembered something, stood in front of the farmers' market, and said to her, you wait for me for a while, and I go in to buy something. She hadn't had time to answer anything. He had ran into the lively market.

She looked at the people in the market a little boringly. There was an old lady selling rice by the market, who kept looking at her. She also looked at the old lady, and the old lady smiled very kindly. What is this flower, it looks good, the old lady said. She listened and was very happy. She would like to tell the old lady that this is called rose, which represents love. And it ’s nineteen, which means forever. But she said nothing, but smiled sweetly.

He finally came out, carrying a handful of vegetables in his hand, and thankfully said to her, hehe, almost forgot. She asked puzzled, what to buy green vegetables? He said, boil soup. She found out that he loved her so well. Realistic doll wants to live with him forever.

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