Online Shop Owner Small Sex Dolls for Sale - Stella

Stella is an online store owner. She has opened an online store on Amazon, eBay and Wal-Mart, which sells clothing. Most of the clothes are modeled by herself. Because of her natural beauty and beautiful face, her online shop has been doing well.

Stella herself also sells live products. She tries on the clothing she sells through live broadcasting, and then recommends it to the audience from the material, mix and experience of the clothing. She has 1 million followers, and many people watch her live broadcast and order directly. She can now make $ 10 million in sales per month. Her clothing profit margin can reach 80%. Almost $ 8 million per month. So now Stella has almost $ 100 million in assets.

She is busy with her career every day, and she doesn't fall in love. Stella now hopes that a man will appear to help her take care of the online store together, while taking care of her life. Would you like to be the other half of Stella? Order small sex doll for sale now and you will have Stella's love for you.

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