Optician Curvey Sex Doll - Emilia

Emilia is an optician. She specializes in recommending people who need to wear glasses and polishing the right glasses. Emilia has been in the optician industry for eight years. She has been in the industry since she was 18 years old. She was only an apprentice. Under the patience of the master, she is now able to stand alone.

Emilia has opened two optical shops, and the optical shops are all managed by employees. She is responsible for this optician shop. Not only does her own glasses look for her to polish, but there are also many optical shop owners who work with her. Anyone who needs glasses with them will put the glasses on her for configuration. So Emilia is very busy every day, her income is very high.

Since Emilia is busy with her career all the time, she has never had time to fall in love. She is now looking for a suitable partner. She does not need the success of this man, only hope that this man can take care of her, give her the necessary life to accompany and meet her sexual needs. If you are willing to be her boyfriend, order the Emilia curvey Sex Doll immediately.

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