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Water has water depth, sea has sea width, and mountains have mountain height. What about a perfect life?

I once saw a standard for high-quality evaluation of modern people in a magazine: length × width × height = excellent. Long means long-term vision, wide means broad-minded, and high means superb.

For an object to stand up steadily, it must be three-dimensional harmony of length, width and height. If life is to be wonderful, "length, width and height" should be used as the spiritual belief.

Life is a long-term vision. It manifests itself as a spiritual yearning and the pursuit of ideals and beliefs. The vast history of history, from Mencius's "Dazze to save the world" mind, to Sima Qian's humiliating burden to complete the 500,000-word "Historical Records", to Zhou En's "study for the rise of China" when he was a young student, they are all life destiny The owner. They can not consider the gains and losses of the moment, stand in the long-term vision of the development of the times, achieve their ambitions in life, the bright lights of their hearts, and ignite the torches of their struggle.

With lofty ambitions and a deep heart. Only with a long-term vision can one stand tall and see far, and one can think deeply and go fast. It helps to find the road signs of life and lead the voyage. As the saying goes, "the heart is as big as the stage of life." People who have become big things from time to time, they are people with long-term vision, their ideals and beliefs are more clear and firm than ordinary people.

The width of a person is insight and open-mindedness. Seeing is broad-minded and broad-minded is inclusive. High mountains do not abandon the base soil, only a large capacity can be achieved. Tolerance is an indispensable lubricant between people and understanding and kindness. Taishan does not allow a little bit of soil before it can become big; Jianghai does not choose a trickle, and eventually it becomes deep. Learning to tolerate the faults of others is tantamount to giving others a chance and at the same time leaving a little room for themselves. Tolerance is not a retreat from sanshe, nor is it cowardly and incompetent, as the so-called "gentleman is virtuous and can tolerate ink, knowing can tolerate stupidity, knowledgeable tolerant to shallowness, and vulgar tolerant to mixedness".

The broadest in the world is the ocean, the blue sky is wider than the ocean, and the human mind is wider than the blue sky. At the intersection of Uncle Bao and Guan Zhong, Wu Lianwen Lin will combine the phases, all with a tolerant heart. This is the grace of tolerance. This is also a calm after life experience.

With the extraordinary width of life, we can tolerate the world's uncomfortable things and become the world's uncomfortable things. Because of the strong political struggle, Mandela, the "father of black people" in South Africa, spent 27 years in prison. He walked out of the cell and faced the reporter's long shot with a smile: "I have no enemies." As the cell moved towards the prison gate to freedom, Mandela began to think that if he could not leave the pain and resentment behind him, he would still be in prison and there would be no motivation to follow up. This big pattern and realm seem to be a life of tolerance. In fact, it is a heart that the old man will never give up.

The value of life, height is an important scale. There is such a story: a small grass growing on the top of the mountain said to the big tree slowly extending from the bottom of the valley: "You have spent your whole life to reach my feet, it is too short!" The big tree smiled: " Yes, but I did not borrow the high power of the mountain. I made big wood by my own efforts! "Sure enough, before the winter began, the grass withered, but the big tree became a tall house.

Many factors make each person's environment different, starting from a small grass, looking up at the sky with a small grass, growing toward the sun, facing the difficulties in adversity, trying to stick to their dreams, and finally grow up It is a tall building.

The height of life depends on whether you have a soul that wants to change and elevate yourself.

The main difference between people is not the external image, but the inner world. Some people say that life is short, and some people say that life is a naughty child who is always playing hide-and-seek with each of us. But I also believe that if you can increase the length of life, expand the width of life, and increase the height of life in your youth, life will be rich and colorful.

Although it is difficult to reach the height of life, it also takes a long time. The most important thing is to withstand loneliness. When you feel lonely, you may not be able to insist on completing this matter. If you go after another person, it will make you vain and you will need to spend more time in maintaining the relationship. At this time, you can choose a sex doll, she does not need you to spend too much time with you, you can pin your spirit on her. When you are tired, you can rely on her. When you want to talk, you can communicate with her. When you have physiological needs, you can choose to have sex with love dolls.

Having a sex doll is a wonderful thing. You don't need to dedicate everything to her, and she won't ignore your love. She will always be with you lovingly. You can live with her and have sex together. That is a very beautiful thing. Order now.

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