Perfect Pursuit

A friend told a story: one of his friends married a smart and capable wife, and he loved her very much. However, this wife has a knot, she always dislikes her husband too introverted, will not please her. In addition, what made her sad was that after a serious illness, many chloasma developed on her face.
The husband asked for a remedy through many ways: On the day when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, the dew on the peach blossoms that are blooming towards the south when they are full of the full moon will change the woman's appearance and make her beautiful.
Finally looking forward to the season of peach blossoms, the husband ran from the city to Taoyuan in the suburbs early. As soon as he arrived, he took the compass in one hand and the spoon in the other and started to move. When the time passed, he was disappointed to the extreme, because only a peach flower was found from the position specified by the compass, but no dew was received. When the sky was about to dawn, he came home with his head downcast.
Years passed, although the husband was so busy every year, the spoonful of peach blossom was never collected. But he is still working hard, waiting for his spring. Seeing that he couldn't even receive a spoonful of peach blossom, his wife complained that he was incompetent. But looking at him like this every year, the wife was moved and changed his cold attitude, and became more considerate and affectionate towards him.
On the night of the full moon with peach blossoms in full bloom this year, she caught her husband and said: Don't go anymore! The husband said: At first, I went to meet your beautiful requirements, and now I have gone for a beautiful mood and a beautiful habit.
The wife was moved and got up and said: Let's go together! This is a stunned and moving story. Beauty is what everyone wants. When we have a beautiful wish to pursue, in the process, we have also harvested a gift of life. This may be the perfect pursuit we have.

This wife is actually a sex doll. This sex doll is very realistic. If you just saw her, you won't feel like a baby, just like a real girl. This sex doll is very beautiful, as long as you look at it, you will love her.

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