Pet Shop Owner TPE Dolls - Joanna

Joanna is the owner of a pet store. It's been three years since she opened this pet shop. Because she loves pets, she opened this pet store three years ago. Her pet shop runs a variety of pet-related businesses, including bathing pets, taking pictures of pets, taking care of pets, and more. Due to her thoughtful service and comprehensive service items, many customers trust them, and many customers also help introduce friends. Her pet shop business has been very hot. To better serve customers, Joanna hired five pet-loving employees. These employees take their pets very seriously.

Joanna is now planning to open a branch, and she plans to hire a professional manager to help manage the current store. She went to set up the branch by herself, and when the shop reached a large traffic flow, she handed it over to the professional manager for unified management. She herself will think more about the strategic direction of development.

Since Joanna has been busy with her work, she has no time to fall in love. She is now recruiting her boyfriend online. Anyone interested in Joanna can start applying. Do you like Joanna? If you like Joanna, order Joanna tpe doll now.

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