Photographer And Sex Doll

The development of sex dolls has become faster and faster, and the dolls that have been made have become more and more detailed. It used to be an inflated doll that didn't look good, and the experience was not good. The silicone sex doll, which has been very realistic until now, has almost developed into a more beautiful realm than real people.

Japanese photographer SAKITA feels uncomfortable with the distortion of the sex doll. He likes to use the doll as a subject, creating a series of hot and beautiful doll photo photos and photo videos.

The photographer has purchased 20 dolls so far, and the body and the head are purchased separately. The body price is 1000-3000 dollars, and the head price is 180-500 dollars. The shape of the fun doll is really delicate and sultry, but the price It is not cheap.

After the dolls are purchased, they have to prepare suitable clothes for them, so that they can find the same beauty as the Super Model. Since the current silicone dolls are made according to the size of the real person, the clothes can be purchased online or in the offline physical clothing store, but the breasts have different hardness and hardness, and the bra vests are more difficult to find fit. After all, it is impossible to try on the spot. The photographer said that the doll does not shake, so you can use long exposure without worrying when shooting, but it takes a lot of time to clean the doll, and the process is a bit complicated. But having a beautiful girl is more free than having a girlfriend, and it is easy to care for.

The doll will slowly enter thousands of households and become a daily necessities. Not only a sexual partner, but also a life partner.

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