Pornstar Sexdol - Paisley

Paisley is a porn star who has been in the pornography industry for five years. During these five years, she participated in making 200 pornographic movies. Her goal is to exit after making 500 films. She has experienced various poses, as well as penis of different sizes. She has superb sex skills and can quickly pick up a man's excitement.

Due to the nature of Paisley's work in the porn industry, few men are willing to treat her in good faith, only want to have sex with her, and want to experience her sexual skills. This also annoys Paisley. In fact, Paisley just took pornography as a job. The scenes in the movie are also limited to acting, and are not really involved in emotion. Now Paisley hopes to find a boyfriend who needs to treat her genuinely and doesn't mind her past work. Would you like to be Paisley's boyfriend? Then order Paisley sexdol, Paisley will give you all your heart and soul.

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