Programmer Pipeline Sex Dolls - Selina

Selina is a program developer and her university major is computer science. She is currently engaged in JAVA development. Because Selina has a strong comprehension ability, she has been a senior JAVA development engineer for two years. She can solve the problems in the general project.

Selina has a goal of becoming a technology partner for the company. Their company now has only 30 employees, and her technology is the best of the 30 people. Now she is waiting for the opportunity. If she leads two large projects, she can get the company's shares, which is equivalent to the company's shareholders. Now she is already working on the first big project.

Because Selina is a career-oriented woman, she has no time to take care of her life. She hopes to find a man who loves her, can take care of her life and support her career. Do you like women like Selina? If you like, don't hesitate to order this pipeline sex doll right away.

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