Purchaser Sex Doll Shop - Hertha

Hertha is a buyer. She often promotes helping others to purchase products in a circle of friends. She has been to many countries, specializing in the purchase of goods from those wholesale markets, and then brought back to the country to sell. Most of the products are reserved by other customers, and then she purchases them and earns some labor costs.

Hertha has been a buyer for three years. Now many people are looking for her to help purchase products. Because Hertha has a wealth of procurement experience, it is a good way to judge the quality of the product. However, Hertha's products are generally cosmetics, food and brand-name bags.

Since Hertha often goes abroad, her knowledge is very broad. She also has her own standards for picking boyfriends. She has made many boyfriends, all of which are available in various countries. So she has experienced a variety of different sexes. Now Hertha only wants to find a boyfriend who can have a common ideal and have a common pursuit. If you like Hertha, order the Hertha Sex Doll shop right away.

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