Rocket Researcher Best Love Doll in The World - Anne

Anne is a rocket researcher. She is responsible for the theoretical research of the rocket's underlying architecture. Anne is obsessed with scientific theory. She hopes that through her own efforts, she can explore more mysteries of the universe. In addition to the research on the rocket theory knowledge system, her usual hobby is studying celestial body movement. She likes to explore the stars. She owns a Hubble telescope and can directly see the alien world 30,000 kilometers away. She goes to observe and take notes every day.

Anne is now an expert on the underlying architecture of the rocket, and she can solve any questions about the underlying architecture of the rocket. She is very capable of mathematical calculations. She has very precise computing power. In order to be able to develop more accurate rockets, she is now improving on the original theory. She hopes that one day humans will be able to explore more of the mysteries of the universe.

Since Anne studies rockets or the mysteries of the universe all day, she has no time to fall in love. Now she also hopes to find a man who likes her, can support her career and her hobbies. If this man had the same hobbies as her, it would be better. Do you like Anne? If you are interested in Anne, then order Anne best love doll in the world ...

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