Rustic Finance Sex Doll - Katy Perry

Katy Perry works in a bar in the country. She is usually responsible for the bartending work at the bar. Sometimes the resident singer of the bar is resting, and she will also perform as a guest singer. Her singing is very good. It's just that she doesn't want to do repeated work every day.

She is responsible for all kinds of things at the bar and is the director of the bar. Selling drinks, chatting with customers and giving customers a bartender, she is well versed and perfect. Many guests come to their bar to come to her, like to chat with her and drink, but also like to listen to her singing.

Katy Perry has a lot of male friends, but none of them like her. She always insists on herself and can't have any sexual behavior with her clients, so she is still single so far. But many male friends are pursuing her, giving her flowers and giving gifts. She does not accept it.

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