Second Yuan Vagina Doll - Jeneen

Jeneen is a Japanese girl. She likes anime very much. She often draws some comics and also makes some cartoon characters. Between 2015 and 2019, Jeneen has published eight of his own anime books.

So now many young girls in Japan know Jeneen, they all like Jeneen's anime book, and the content is also very rich. Now Jeneen is also famous in the anime circle. Many fans will also find Jeneen to sign them.

Jeneen also likes to dress himself up as an anime character. I often buy some anime decorations and cosmetics, and I dress myself up as an anime character every day. She is very good, so she can be dressed as an anime character and can have the feeling of an anime character.

Because her mind is on the anime, she has not yet had a boyfriend. If you like Jeneen, you can order the Jeneen version of the vagina doll right away. You can get Jeneen's attention and let Jeneen accompany you.

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