Sex Doll Experience Specialist

As the market for sex dolls is gradually opened, more and more manufacturers are beginning to research new technologies and develop new styles and new features of love dolls. Then in the process of development, there will inevitably be many problems. At this time, it is necessary to have a professional person to test and judge whether this doll is suitable for market introduction.

A former British sex toy manufacturer publicly recruited a sex doll experience specialist. Not only is the salary higher than the average job, but the welfare holiday is very good. The company can provide a variety of leisure and exercise venues, as well as provide video viewing. If you have outstanding performance and found a best-selling product, you can get a good bonus.

SexAVDoll specializes in the manufacture of TPE-quality sex dolls, and introduces many super-realistic love dolls of different sizes, skin colors and body types. The various style dolls are very realistic from the facial expressions to the material and body details, both men and women.

In the early stages of development, the company also recruited a lot of testers to judge whether the dolls are suitable for the market based on their experience. Because of the need to be able to provide professional advice, the recruitment conditions are also relatively strict, need to understand the relevant industries, the most important thing is to be passionate about the simulation of love dolls, and can produce an experience report.

After a lot of experience people experience, they will spend money to buy a few sex dolls, they have a unique passion for the doll.

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