Sex Doll Is A Good Medicine For A Lonely Man

With the advancement of technology and the promotion of many industries, the current sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic. At the same time, the industry's research on technology has been continuously improving, and the most expensive simulation dolls are almost identical to real girl.

Some people say that this most expensive simulation doll is a living sculpture, and she herself calls herself a cartoon character, a conceptual artist and a post-Pop artist.

Many people think that the simulation dolls may become a talk or a joke for the fashion people after a meal, and then they will fall like a meteor. However, in fact, the latest simulation dolls have been active in major fashion weeks since 2008, and it has been ten years since. And as long as she appears, it instantly becomes the focus of the audience. Her photos even occupy the headlines of the magazine cover newspaper.

But if a silicone doll is too much like a real person, would you feel very surprised?

A new robotic simulation doll created by a Japanese doll making company and a Chinese factory has recently been demonstrated. This robot has already completed the head model and can be manipulated using the PS4 controller or mobile phone. This new robot doll not only has a beautiful face, but also responds to commands heard through the voice system. The interior is a removable mechanical structure that is covered by silicone skin.

Currently robot dolls have been matched with Chinese, English and Japanese operating systems. At present, in addition to the head, the body part has not been publicly displayed, but in the future it will match a body like a real girl, with flexible limbs, allowing them to move freely.

This love doll will become a good medicine for countless lonely men.

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