Sex Doll Is A Sex Toy or A Lover

Some of the scenes in the science fiction film have been slowly realized. The development of sex dolls has also become a reality, and the speed of technological development has been synchronized with the speed of human imagination. At present, some sex dolls even have some body touch and sensing devices. The fun doll simulates the human reproductive organs and is also very real.

In fact, many people are only interested in silicone dolls, but there is no real experience. So there are some prejudices. Customers who have actually bought a doll can perceive the advantages of sex dolls. Once they have been with the doll for a while, they will not only treat the doll as a sex toy, but may treat her more like a lover. They will carefully dress up the sex dolls, communicate with the dolls, and even take her out to play.

Love is the spark of the spirit, and sex is the friction of the flesh. In the face of this special sex doll, we may need to first sort out a human society's perception of "sex" in a mature and unbiased attitude.

Sex, with social attributes and biological attributes, is also the biological basis and social basis of human reproduction. Sex itself has no beauty or ugliness. However, people's thoughts and means of implementing sexual behavior are beautiful and ugly.

As a product that meets the needs, sex dolls may also be objectively understood and treated. It’s like when we are hungry, we need to eat to fill our stomachs, when we feel cold, we need to wear clothes to keep warm; when we are depressed, we need to find a friend to chat and relieve. By the same token, when sex is an impulse to be a physiological need, you may choose to get a catharsis through a sex doll.

Then, at this time, the metrics of morality and ugliness are put aside, and the fun dolls are more of a usable sex product. Of course, with sex workers, as a profession slowly gains people's respect, perhaps we are more able to face the existence of sex dolls as a commodity without adding moral requirements and expectations.

It is hoped that users will not only obtain physiological satisfaction from sex robots, but also obtain psychological satisfaction. Perhaps it is also a kind of ambition and yearning for the society.

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