Sex Doll Solve The Problem of Love Between Them

That year, girls were in the first grade and boys were in the third grade. The girl is very beautiful, and the boy is also the grass of this school. The boy likes to play basketball, but he is already in his third year of high school. There is really no time to allow him to go. He even skips class to play basketball, and the girl’s gym class happens to be in the first quarter of the afternoon. She can do it almost every time. When he saw him, the boy looked at her and smiled slightly.

The girl seemed to like the boy gradually. Every time she took a gym class, she always went early. Looking at the handsome boy on the basketball court, she even felt a little distressed, just because the boy sweated a lot. Over time, the boy also remembered her, he would point her to his friends, the girl was shy. The girl had the boy's facebook number, and she added him. Every time the girl took the initiative to talk to the boy, the boy was always cold to her. They got along like this for a while. The girl's excessive enthusiasm and boy's excessive coldness make the girl no longer able to stand it.

The girl has been passionate for more than a month. She started not talking to him, the girl felt tired, she looked forward to his enthusiasm. Slowly, one semester passed, the girl saw him carrying his couple, the two were very sweet. After this semester, he should graduate. The girl thought she would forget him, but when he saw them kissing each other, the girl could not help but feel sad, like having a needle piercing her heart. Soon, the semester was over, the boy graduated, and the girl would never see him again.

One day, the boy left a message to her: if you insist on it again, maybe I will chase you, but maybe you have no destiny, I wish you well. The girl looked at it and regretted it. She asked the boy and said: Now, is it too late? The boy answered her: too late. The girl squatted on the ground and wept bitterly. After all, they still had no luck.

The girl left a letter to the boy. There was only two words in the letter: goodbye. The girl went to another city, without his city. She was there and her life was very good. They are like two parallel lines that do not intersect, and never cross. Maybe after many years, they will meet again in a city, but what about the relationship? It's gone with the wind.

The ending of this story is also perfect. The boy bought a sex doll that looks like a girl. The girl also buys a sex doll that looks like a boy. They pinned this love on the love dolls separately, hoping to make up for this regret. Finally, the simulated dolls completed their pursuit of love.

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