Sex Dolls Make Sex Workers Unemployed

Silicone sex dolls have entered the global market, bringing a "sexual" revolution. These silicone dolls have replaced some prostitutes, reducing sexual transactions and bringing companionship to lonely people.

Silicone doll brothels have been opened in many places, and people can book sex deals with silicone dolls. And the possibility of sexual injury with sex dolls is very small, and it is almost impossible to get sick.

At the same time, if an individual has a sex doll, they will have fewer chances to go to a prostitute to have sex. They will let these sex workers lose their jobs.

In addition, the work of sex workers is only to meet physiological needs, and is short-lived. But the companionship of the love doll is long-lasting. She not only meets the physiological needs of the owner, but also meets their needs. This is a good companion.

In some families, both spouses will be willing to buy a love doll to increase sex, but they will certainly not be willing to find a prostitute to enhance their sexuality.

So sex dolls will slowly become a necessity. The popularity will become wider and wider.

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