Sex Dolls Will Also Derail?

Today's sex dolls have become more and more mature, and their simulation degree is almost the same as that of real people, which may bring subversive changes to the porn industry. Experts say that sex dolls are likely to bring many changes to the sex industry: instead of sex workers, the phenomenon of sexual slavery and unfair trade is eliminated.

Dr. John Danaher, a lecturer at the National University of Galway in Ireland, believes that sex dolls can be a perfect substitute for sex workers. Danaher said: "Love dolls can meet the different needs of guests, so that they are free from the constraints of traditional concepts, and will not cause any complications. Simulation dolls will not be 'pretending to be orgasm' like sex workers."

The sci-fi movie "Her" once described such a scene. In the future, human beings will give up the marriage opportunity with human beings and turn to a romantic love story with the virtual "her". Here, human love objects are essentially operating systems. Obviously it has evolved to a more advanced stage, and at this stage, closer to humans is a sex doll.

When VR, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and even more technologies that we can't imagine now, we will further integrate and develop in the future, which will provide us with a more unimaginable stimulating experience.

Imagine a sex companion robot that can bring you more than just the help of trivial matters, emotional comfort, and satisfaction with physiological needs. It is more likely to save you a lot of unnecessary trouble. You see, let your life focus on what you want to do more, will you not be tempted?

In the future, humans may really choose robots as their other half. But once you choose to love robots as your sexual partner, you may encounter high-tech hijacking and derail your sex dolls.

Some hackers claim that they have warned users of such fun vibrators around the world through some manufacturers of fun vibrators. These fun vibrators can be connected to mobile apps, allowing partners to remotely enjoy each other anywhere in the world, and during this time video or text messages can be played. Computer security experts warn that because a new generation of sex toys can be networked, they become less secure and can be remotely controlled by hackers. Invasive networking toys are a new challenge for computer security experts, and this is about the most intimate moments of the individual. Experts say that if a sex toy is attacked by a hacker, it may be considered a sexual assault.

This news seems to have nothing to do with his robot "companion", but the thoughts are extremely scared, the sex toys can be hacked, why can't the robot be hacked? The erotic toy is only a small signal. In the future, when our companion robot is "invaded" by the hacker, she will "change the heart" and then quietly leave you. At this time, is it very helpless? So I was derailed without any defense.

In the future, human beings may be derailed in this high-tech, "new" way, and that lover is "a hacker who does not know where to go." Can not help but feel that in every era, honest people are not good, even real people are not embarrassed, looking for a robot will be "derailed"!

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