Sex Dolls Will Enter Thousands of Households Within Ten Years

The development of sex dolls solves many physiological problems, so the pace of development is also very fast. After decades of development, the fun doll has gradually matured. Scientists predict that most families may have a love doll in the next decade.

At the same time, with the advancement of technology, the sex dolls produced will become more and more human. For the solitary and sexually disabled, this should be a very good news.

But after all, it is still very difficult to give emotional love to the dolls. If you want these dolls to have rich facial expressions and spontaneously move and talk, it may take a long time.

But this does not hinder the popularity of sex dolls, and the market prospects for silicone dolls are great. According to the latest research, many men have the urge to make love with physical dolls.

Technology changes the world, and dolls change relationships.

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