Sex Robot with Personality Traits And Body Temperature Regulation

Sex robots have been promoted around the world, but most of them only meet physiological needs. Some of them have begun to have sex learning and can make emotional dolls with humans.

These sex robots are the same material as most of the silicone sex dolls on the market today. The only difference is that sex robots can interact with people and have certain subjective initiative. At present, the R&D personnel have given the sex robots the innocence, kindness, and sensuality through the compiler. At the same time, these fun doll robots also have a heater inside to simulate the real body temperature.

The main function of this robot is to continue to learn through the AI ​​system to develop more real feelings with humans.
These sex doll robots can be updated by the mobile app after learning through the AI ​​algorithm.

Because of the many functions, the price is indeed more expensive. The buyer also needs to pay a maintenance fee each year to upgrade the robot's system and update the database.

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