Sex Robots Help to Improve The Quality of Marriage

Sex robots can improve the quality of marriage by making spouses more focused on relationships and building good family relationships.

Some experts say that this futuristic robot can make husbands and wives pay more attention to love and raise children rather than sex, thus improving marriage and improving the quality of marriage.

In the book Robotic Sex: Social and Ethical Implications, Professor Marina Adshade claims that the emergence of sex robots will change the norms of marriage in our society, especially in monogamy. The existence of this marriage will give couples more opportunities to define their own type of marriage. The professor called this phenomenon "social changes caused by sexual robots."

However, some people worry that the rise of sex robots will make young people's sexual needs satisfied by robots, which is likely to lead young people to choose to stay single. Adshade explained: "I don't think that sex robots are a substitute for human relationships, but complement human relationships. In addition, if sexual contact provided by sex robots is a complement to family productivity, then it can indeed Improve the quality of marriage and thus reduce the divorce rate."

As sex becomes less important in marriage, society's definition of who can marry and acceptable sexual behavior may also change. For example, two heterosexual women can form a family because their sexual needs are met by sex robots. Similarly, a gay man can raise a child with a heterosexual woman, and it can create a better environment for the child, because these married partners pay more attention to people other than the sexual partner, thus creating an environment more suitable for the child to grow.

Adshade pointed out, "Similarly, people's attitudes toward marriage may have changed and are preparing to promote the widespread use of sex robotics. This is a small-scale revolution in which people are required to accept non-monogamy in marriage. More broadly, it is to abandon a universal concept of marriage.

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