Sex Robots Will Make Love Addictive

Sex robot dolls have gradually entered people's lives from science fiction, scientific research and production. However, with the development of robot technology, experts believe that by 2050, human-computer love will transcend traditional human sex.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, various types of robots have appeared, and futurists even predict that the sex and even marriage of humans and robots will be realized within 10 years.

Some researchers have said that they have realized a flexible "skin" that can feel the pressure. This highly flexible "skin" is of great significance in the field of building flexible robots. With the rapid changes in artificial intelligence and robotics, creating a robot designed for love and sex may become a reality.

However, some experts have said that if sex with robots may lead to addiction, perhaps one day humans will completely abandon traditional human sex. Experts further pointed out that robots can say no, they can serve you at any time, so they are very addictive. This can cause the user to do whatever he wants, even excessive use without any moderation, causing serious harm to human health.

However, the sexual therapist Graprit Singer has the opposite attitude. In his view, this is good for sexual life, but Singer also said that it is unhealthy to completely replace humans with robots.

Treating a sex doll correctly, it is very appropriate to use her as an emotional companion and a sexual partner.

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