Sex Robots Will Make Singles No Longer Lonely

Sex doll robots will change the lives of human beings. At least single people will no longer be lonely. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Recently, artificial intelligence experts at the International Robotics Conference said that the use of sex robots in the bedroom will become a social norm within 25 years, and people can experience it with only about 10,000 US dollars.

Kate Devlin, a computer technology expert at Goldsmiths University in London, said that future sex robots are likely to be designed to learn the sexual preferences of their human partners to improve performance. Companion devices such as the "Pepper" robot are increasingly being used to provide incentives for the elderly, especially in Asian countries such as Japan.

Artificial intelligence experts have also warned that sex robots will become a tool for the porn industry after they become popular. What is even more frightening is that when people get used to this kind of life, they will alienate the relationship between husband and wife, but by then, the real-time relationship between the sexes will change. More precious and exciting.

To put it simply, in the future, the husband and wife will be on holiday, and the robot will meet the daily needs.

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