Sex Scientists Visit Female Sex Dolls - Experience AI Customization Charm

A few days ago, some experts visited a factory in Los Angeles that produced new sex dolls. These dolls are realistic and highly customizable, giving customers a different form of companionship.

Once upon a time, sex dolls only had human figures, and their appearance was unattractive. Today's dolls are not only fully customized, but also equipped with artificial intelligence technology. The love dolls made at the factory are made of materials that produce robots and are equipped with artificial intelligence technology. The founder of the factory, McMullan, said that he did not want to create a sex machine at first, but to complete artistic creation and make realistic mannequins that would attract people's attention and make people feel like they are the same as real people. The response to the model exceeded expectations and prompted him to decide to make a sex doll.

Sex dolls can bring different forms of companionship to customers. The doll's design is highly customizable and can change the look. The doll is equipped with artificial intelligence technology, which can complete the movements of shaking his head, blinking, smiling, etc., and can also talk with people. Before picking up the goods, the customer has already used the application software to talk to the doll's artificial intelligence program to better understand each other and get a better interactive experience. In the future, customers can pre-select the character of the doll, and the doll will be able to have a sensitive feeling, react to environmental changes, and interact better with people.

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