Sex Worker Life Size Fuck Dolls Small Tits - Mavis

Mavis is a sex worker who has only been in the sex industry for only half a year. In fact, Mavis's education is very high, she graduated from graduate school. Previously, she worked as a department manager in a large company, responsible for the research and development of 5G projects. But she was tired of the job, worked for five years, and didn't have the passion she just started.

Now that Mavis wants to change her lifestyle, she thinks that the red light district can experience a variety of life, and at the same time can reach a variety of people, giving her life a fresh sense every day. She likes this exciting life. She receives 10 customers every day, and she refuses to receive more than 10 guests.

Mavis has a wonderful body, she has a high emotional intelligence, so every customer being served is very satisfied with her. Many customers also want to be her repeat customers, but she only accepts new customers and never picks up repeat customers. Because she wants to feel the thrill of different men.

But Mavis is also looking for someone who can give her a sense of security, hoping to entrust her life to the man who can take care of her. Are you willing to be her long-term partner? If you have this idea, don't hesitate to order this life size fuck doll small tit right away and you can take Mavis home.

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