SexAVDoll Entity Sex Doll Can Help Lonely Person

The world of adults is very complicated. For those who love dolls, they will not choose Barbie dolls that children like to play like childhood, but choose a shape that looks like a real person, has a complete physiological structure, and simulates the skin. SexAVDoll physical dolls meet their psychological and physiological needs, so they are also known as sex dolls or masturbation dolls.

For a society where men and women are unbalanced, what role can sex dolls play in addition to helping men solve their physiological needs? For most people who don't know about sex dolls, sex dolls are just sex toys, but they don't understand. For many people, sex dolls are more of a companion, can comfort those adults who are hurt by the heart, and even stimulate the inspiration of the creator.

For example, Hans, the hero of the movie "Inflatable Dolls", has a sex doll "Bonnie". In front of him is not a tool to vent libido, but to comfort the mind, get out of childhood shadows, and regain self. Oneself. The most intimate shot of Hans and the doll in the whole film is the farewell kiss at the end of the river.

Another Japanese fantasy movie "Air Doll" about inflatable dolls is about the cheap PVC inflatable doll, full of human feelings, carrying a human heart and living with real human beings. I have experienced the work, love, being sexually abused by the boss, the old man who loves to read poetry, the owner who bought his own master (ex-boyfriend), and so on, and finally lived in the garbage story.

The psychological environment of men and women who have sex dolls in real life is also different. Some people are because of the needs of sex, some people have experienced the harm of marriage, some people do not like women in reality, some people regard them as their own children, some people just want a long-term stable partner, and others are simply as a collection. In addition to sex and collection, medical psychology interprets the behavior of these lovable dolls as empathy.

Sex dolls are actually a very good product, not only can meet the physiological needs of single men and women, but also a good companion for lonely people, can bring them spiritual comfort. Therefore, we should treat sexual dolls correctly and let them play the best value.

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