Sexual Doll Situation Simulation Mode

Sexual dolls have developed rapidly in recent years. In addition to the realistic feel of the dolls themselves, some dolls are also equipped with voice heating functions, and the degree of simulation is getting higher and higher. Now some manufacturers have introduced some sexy dolls that simulate being raped, which sparked a heated discussion.

In fact, the function of this doll is very simple, that is, a built-in function, once the male enters the body, the doll will sound "Oh, No! I am afraid of this!" Men who hear this sound will strengthen the body's hormone secretion and stimulate sexual desire.

When the user touches the private part of the doll again, the doll will make a sound of resistance and shame. According to the survey, 85% of men do not dare to share their sexual fantasies. This simulated love doll will bring more possibilities to users.

However, this doll has been opposed by many feminists who believe that rape is not a passion, but an illegal act.

But the doll manufacturers responded by saying that we fully agree with feminists that rape cannot be a passion. Our dolls only show an indifferent personality trait and have some simple anti-rejection language, just like many girls are shy when they are dating. In fact, it is only because of shyness, not real resistance.

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